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metal bag

Annette DePalma

General line of antiques

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Lynda Trongone

General Line of Antiques

silver glass set

Fancy That 
Meryl & Michael Kalmus

Fine silver

antique puppet

John Diamond

Specializing in antique dolls, miniatures, black memorabilia and early Christmas

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Gin Belfiglio

Designer handbags and accessories

metal bag

Marty Ferber

Chinese antiques and Black memorabilia


Hunter of Adventure  
Juan Gonzalez

Hand sourced gems and minerals


Lawrence Michael Antiques - Lawrence Corcoran

18th to 20th Century furniture and fine art

silver doll necklace

Lovely Things - Eileen Cohen

Specializing in early Doulton pottery as well as miniatures and Chinese porcelain


Cathy Isacsen

Mid Century Modern furniture and design

beer mug

Lev Tov Antiques - Habib Lebto

19th C. European antiques


Lurdon Antiques  
Lurlee Shutkin

Specializing in anything that soothes the soul, with a focus on African, Asian, ethnic artifacts, manuscripts, icons, reliquaries and mid century objet d’art

Halina Malinowski

General line with a focus on Millinery

Marjan Antiques  
Maria McGale

Specializing in antique books in addition to a general line of antiques

Susan Shane

Essentials for setting the perfect table

ram vase

Marcia’s Trading  
Dr. Marcia Robbins

General line of antiques

glass statue

Lawrence & Marsha BonForte

Mid Century Modern and all things Hip, from all eras and styles

asian set

Showcase Antiques 
Fran Magliocca

General Line of antiques including jewelry and miniatures

costume jewelry

Signet B&J  
Berta Kogan

Outstanding signed costume jewelry in the finest of condition

shoe with pins

Shelly Spodek

Vintage jewelry and accessories

costume jewelry

Fran Cohen

An ever changing assortment of quality objects from the Victorian era through the Art Deco period to 1950’s modern, all with a fashionable twist

glass bottle

Marian Soloway

General line of antiques with a focus on vintage jewelry

the NewYorker

Through the Years
Nancy & Harry Allen

Specializing in vintage magazine covers, advertising and illustrative art

costume jewelry

Joanne Wiley

General line of antiques

antique box small

Zaldivar Designs

19th Century European Antiques and Furnishings

antique box small

Becoming Antiques

General line of antiques

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