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Amazing Large 24 Inch Metal Crucifix "Santos" Made in France 1800s

Amazing Large 24 Inch Metal Crucifix "Santos" Made in France 1800s


Important: please send message before purchasing. The item is really heavy but I did not get the chance to check the weight to give estimate for shipping. I can deliver 150 miles around Montclair NJ and pick up from location is also possible. thank you

The 24 inch long metal crucifix "Santos" made in France in the 1800s is a striking and impressive religious artifact.

The figure of Jesus on the cross is also intricately crafted, with realistic detailing that captures the agony and suffering of the crucifixion.

This crucifix is known as a "Santos" in reference to the Spanish and Portuguese tradition of creating statues of saints and religious figures. The term has been adopted more broadly to refer to any religious artwork, especially those of Hispanic origin.

Overall, the 24 inch long metal crucifix "Santos" is a beautiful and historic piece of art that showcases the craftsmanship and devotion of its creators. Its size and weight make it an imposing and commanding presence, and its intricate details make it a treasure to be admired and appreciated.

 The iconography refers to the models of the Carrarese Pietro Tacca (1577-1640)

Looking for a one of a kind historical art work sculpture of Jesus Christ then they do not get any more important and serious than this beautiful art work reflection the most important subject in history, one that should keep any good Christian in serious contemplation !

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